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General Questions:

General Questions

What are the STS Help Desk Support Hours?
The STS Help Desk is open Monday – Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM by appointment with the exception of University Holidays.

Click here to schedule an appointment.

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Where is the STS Help Desk located?
The STS Help Desk is located at GMCS 111. Access is limited to scheduled appointments.
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How can I contact the STS?

Create at ServiceNow Incident at https://servicenow.sdsu.edu


Email us at: stshelpdesk@sdsu.edu
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What services are offered at the STS?
List of services.
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Can I get IT support for non-SDSU devices?
STS can only support IT Equipment purchased by SDSU or by the SDSU Research Foundation. These devices must have a SDSU(State) or Foundation Tags. We are not able to support or install SDSU licensed software on your personal systems.
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If I don’t have a State or Foundation Tag, how do I get one?
If your system has not been purchased by SDSU or the SDSU Research Foundation, you can donate your system to the University. Once donated, the University will add the system to their inventory and tag the device. At that point, STS will be able to support the device(s).
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Who do I contact if I would like to donate my system to SDSU?
Please contact Stacy Carota, Director of Development, in the Dean’s Office.
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How do I get a status update on my incident?
Please check the status of your incident at servicenow.sdsu.edu or contact us directly by email at stshelpdesk@sdsu.edu.
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