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Mission Statement

The mission of Sciences Technology Services (STS) is to support and enhance information technology within the College of Sciences. Our goal is to provide a productive and secure environment for academic computing consistent with the standards established by the College and the University.

The major responsibilities of STS consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Develop policies and procedures that define appropriate interactions with, and use of, the College’s computing resources and infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the College’s computing infrastructure will meet anticipated future needs by recommending necessary improvements before performance degradation occurs.
  • Facilitate  computing system hardware and software, data communications, and electronic information exchange between the College and other organizations.
  • Administer the College’s UNIX, Linux, MacOS and Windows computing platforms.
  • Assess the availability and suitability of computer hardware and software, with special emphasis on integration into the current College infrastructure as specified by established policies.
  • Assist faculty and staff with computer hardware or software problems and answer questions on the use of computer hardware or software.
  • Maintain and repair (when possible) the College’s diverse array of computer and electronic equipment.
  • Oversee the College’s compliance with CSU Security and ATI requirements.  

Meet the Team:

 Christopher Leong Christopher Leong
Director, Sciences Technology Services
Project Manager
Diana Osborn Diana Osborn
Technical Lead
Network Liaison
Security Liaison
Denis Poon Denis Poon
Accessible Technology Initiative
Website Support
Lisa Heizer Lisa Heizer
Unix Support Coordinator
Accessible Technology Initiative
Matt Matthews Matt Matthews
Windows Support Coordinator
Windows Server Support
Steve Bednarik Steve Bednarik
Hardware/Electronics Support
Data Recovery
Susan Langsford Susan Langsford
MacOS Support Coordinator
MacOS Labs